Extract from article : Evaluation of multiple prostheses fixed by extension (cantilever bridges) and multiple prostheses fixed to partial coronary-anchors.

(…) the prostheses on implant: an implant is shaped in the form of a screw, generally in titanium, which is surgically inserted into a toothless area of the maxillary arch and/or mandibular. It is comparable to an artificial root. It provides stable and permanent anchorage allowing for the adaptation of removable or fixed dentures. With removable prostheses, it increases the retention and stability of the prostheses (button-style adapters, metal bar attachments); with fixed prostheses, it is used as support for the attachment of crowns (“dental implant crown”) or along a wider surface (“dental implant bridges”). After the fixing of the implant, it is necessary to wait for at least two to three months to monitor osseointegration (5). At the end of this period and only if the osseointegration of the implant has been successful, the prostheses can then be attached ; (…)


Written on the 15th of April 2016

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