Extract from article : Evaluation of multiple prostheses fixed by extension (cantilever bridges) and multiple fixed prostheses (fixed bridges)

(…) The latest CFAO technology (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing) allows the direct creation of prostheses, either on site at the surgery or at the laboratory, removing the need for a plaster model. (…) The first step of the technique is a digital impression taken of the mouth or study model, followed either by the milling of ceramic block to obtain a prosthesis (subtractive technique), or by adding material in successive layers to form the required element (additive technique). Several methods of CFAO are practiced; the direct method wherein the practitioner completes the restoration in a single session, the semi-direct method where the digital imprint taken by the practitioner is sent to a laboratory or milling center, and the indirect method where the practitioner creates a classic imprint from plaster and sends it to a prosthesis technician to be manufactured with CFAO technology. (…)


Written on the 15th of April 2016

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